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About Us

We are an association for string and orchestra teachers, as well as those who are supportive of our endeavors.  We are private teachers, public school teachers, university level professors, college students who major in music, professional performers, and much more.

ASTA Membership Benefits Include:

- Receive a monthly publication with informative articles, reviews, and resources

- Access to a national online database of career opportunities in string teaching

- Eligibility for student scholarships to summer programs

- Certificate Advancement Program for private students

- Large Group Performance Festival for middle and high school orchestras with nationally recognized clinicians

- Fantastic summer conferences with content-specific professional development

- Graduate credit and recertification clock hours for conference attendance

- Eligibility for student scholarships for donated instruments

- Access to a large orchestral music lending library

- Excellent rates on instrument insurance

- Invitations to member luncheons, workshops, and social events

- Audtion for the National Orchestra Festival to be recognized on a NATIONAL level

- Attend phenomenal annual National Conferences to learn from experts in the field and hear INCREDIBLE performances by world-renowned artists

- Connect with string educators and pedagogues from around the state and the country

- Become involved with the string teaching community in your state and make an impact!


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