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Monthly Blog

We would love to share with everyone some of the great things going on in Colorado ASTA! Check here every month for our Board Meeting Blog.  If you have an event or information to add, please use the link below. 

June 2015

The June Colorado ASTA board meeting was focused on the needs of the membership and how we will move forward in the future.  We have decided that it is in CASTA's best interest to pool all of our funds and resources into a better CMEA experience instead of continuing with a summer conference. We received very little feedback concerning the Summer Conference, and have concluded that we need to go in a new direction.  We have already begun talking about this year's CMEA and are excited about the workshops and clinicians we have lined up.  We are also rethinking how we can better communicate with the membership.  In addition to our monthly blogs, soon we will also be sending out monthly newsletters.  These newsletters will include all the information our President sends out as individual e-mails, information about upcoming events, articles that can be submitted by anyone in the membership as well as a possibility to win prizes! As always, we appreciate any feedback from the membership so we know what your needs are.  We hope you have had a very fun and relaxing summer!


March 2015

  • Check the website for the current Colorado ASTA budget report as of March 24th, 2015.


  • The Colorado ASTA basket was a great hit!!!!  There were not as many people at the silent auction at national this year.  We had approximately 20 members from Colorado attend the national conference.  Way to go COLORADO!!!  We also came away with the Outstanding Website Award for 2015.  Congratulations Kelly Benson!


  • We are brain storming ways of increasing participation in CCAP for the future.  Your board is looking at two sites next year.  We are trying to put both sites on the same date.


  • Rebecca Jonas has done a great job so far planning the summer conference.  Put it on your calendar now.  We are holding the summer conference at CU Boulder on June 29 and 30. 


  • Make sure you get your nominations in for Outstanding Teacher and Lifetime Teacher awards.  Also your Exemplary teacher awards applications are available. Make sure that you check out the Colorado ASTA website for application forms. 


  • Teachers who are submitting requests for scholarships for students, make sure you get them in by April 10th.  


February 2015

The CASTA Board was very happy to see most of you at this year’s CMEA and we hope you are able to use what you learned in your classes. We had a lot to work on at this month’s board meeting. Now that CMEA is over we have begun to focus our attention on CCAP and Large Group Festival. Please refer to the CASTA Website for more information on both Festivals. Lastly, we have already started planning for our Summer Conference.  We are excited to be holding this year’s conference on the University of Colorado’s Boulder Campus this year.  The dates are set to be June 29-30.  Please stay tuned for more information regarding this!



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