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CU Boulder String Leadership Day!

Dr. Joel Schut along with CU String Faculty and the CU ASTA student chapter will be hosting “CU String Leadership Day!”

The event is designed as a high power leadership training for HS orchestra section leaders working to build leadership skills including effective student leader communication, how to run a sectional for your peers and musical cueing.


In a year where rehearsal culture may not have been easily modeled for your rising orchestra leaders, the mission is to supercharge your string leaders with skills and inspiration as your right hand rehearsal collaborators.


This in person, on campus event is FREE with recommendation from students’ orchestra directors. The day’s activities are designed for your junior or senior leadership members (ie. violin/viola/cello/bass section leaders and/or orchestra leadership council members). Additionally, this is a great event to nominate any student who may have interest in becoming a school orchestra teacher!


Registration and additional details will be available in early August. Directors do not need to be present to have student participants.


Please mark your calendar and consider nominating your future string leaders to participate at the start of next school year!

If you would like to add information about your event or workshop, please email:

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